Alligator Spring Release 2019

Alligator Spring Release 2019

Two-Day Event: April 27th and 28th | Saturday and Sunday: 1pm to 4pm

Come and Join us for our favorite event of the year!

Alligators of all sizes will be moved from their winter enclosures out into the summer swamps. Moving all the reptiles out to their summer habitats always brings smiles. We look forward to starting off the season with all of our friends at the sanctuary!

All winter we have been working hard to create new habitats and upgrade existing ones so that all our critters can have another good summer to enjoy life.

Admission is $7.95 per person and includes all activities of the move, including holding and touching the animals. We recommend not wearing good clothes because you will likely get muddy!

For those who want to come on multiple days, we are offering a spring release two-day pass for $12.

If you just want to watch us move gators we have plenty of viewing areas and outdoor seating as well.